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About Us

JuiceMedica™ is a premium line of 100% raw, fresh pressed juices based on healthy principles of raw food nutrition. Our juices are specifically created to promote peak health and well-being with a natural healing approach that optimizes the intake of essential nutrients. Made from fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, each juice contains the most bio-available and bio-active form of concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for maximum absorption and utilization. These distinctively great-tasting juices are ideal for individuals needing support with weight control, detoxification, energy and vitality, immune function and better nutrition intake.

Our premium line of fresh-pressed juices is all about quality and exceptional nourishment. In our quest to create juices that deliver the nutritive properties and freshness as are found in fresh whole fruits and vegetables, every juice is hand-crafted and built from scratch. This very intensive and precise process involves the careful selection and combination of nutrient-dense produce and the most effective processing technology in order to achieve the best possible end-result.


Our mission is to empower you and your family with the knowledge to improve overall health and quality of life by incorporating the healthy tenets of proper diet and nutrition, nutritional juice cleansing, regular exercise, fresh air, sound sleep and detoxification into everyday life. 

We accomplish this mission by providing safe and reliable natural solution that delivers positive impact on health and well-being. We do this through a comprehensive offering of raw nutritional juice cleanse, colon hydrotherapy, nutritional and herbal products, and diet and lifestyle consultations at the best possible price. 


Juice Medica seeks to catalyze a broad cultural shift away from the destructive effects of processed foods and unhealthy lifestyle toward the regenerative path of healthy living by building awareness through education and personal commitment.

A Health Note from Dr. Titayevsky

Dr. Michael Titayevsky

For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in the natural healthcare field at almost every level, from health food store owner to naturopathic educator. During this time, I have found great success using fresh pressed juice cleansing both personally and in my clinic. With today’s busy lifestyle and poor eating habits, I am firmly convinced that there is a need for fresh pressed whole food juices that delivers the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. The dense, living nutrients found in fresh, raw juice are easily assimilated and require minimum digestion, while stimulating the body to clear away its waste. When my patients can benefit from additional nutritional support, I choose clinical grade juice cleanse from Juicemedica™ for reliable and consistent results.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the company’s commitment to purity, freshness, sustainability and overall quality of the juices. Their juice line is simply unsurpassed for clinical use.