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There is nothing like that first exciting rush when you see those few extra pounds just slip away. You picture yourself in slimmer clothes or in a bathing suit on the beach, glittering in the vibrant, youthful vitality of having a sleek, toned body! With JuiceMedica's 48 - 72 hr Dieter's lemonade cleanse, you can capture that amazing feeling in a bottle, reigniting both body and mind to achieve greater weight management success than you ever dream possible!

Our unique proprietary blend combines tangy lemons and pure spring water, sweetened with health-friendly maple syrup and revved up with energizing taste of cayenne and cinnamon. To this we’ve added 400mgs of garcenia cambogia along with carefully selected botanical concentrates to support healthy elimination, boost metabolism, control appetite, and leave you feeling like never before. 

Dieter’s Lemonade Cleanse

What's included:

          •Great tasting, tangy citrus cinnamon spice flavored juice

          •Convenient and easy to use 6 juices per day for on the go meals

          •Satisfies cravings and helps curb hunger

          •400mg of garcenia per day

          •Promotes healthy, comfortable elimination detoxification

          •8-week individualized diet and exercise plan (our recipe for success)!


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