Learn how easy it is to improve the way you feel physically and mentally.

Few of us escape the feeling that we could and should be doing more to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise or any number of other reasons, today’s society tempts and often encourages us to eat the wrong things. JuiceMedica offers a simple way of rejuvenating ourselves and

moving towards a natural and healthier lifestyle.  Think of JuiceMedica as a

“course correction.”  When you’ve been doing wrong by your body, JuiceMedica

can get you back on track and feeling better whenever and as often as you

think is needed. And all you need to do is drink our delicious and nutritious

juices. Your body will naturally do the rest.

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Food for thought:

The Juicing Generation

Juicing has become a symbol for health and fitness. With GreenJuice being an extremely popular hash tag in social media, we see plenty of pictures of a hand, holding a mason jar of green fluid. more

The Lifestyle Change That Could

Beat Tiredness Forever

Have you ever felt sluggish, fatigued, and just generally under the weather? Well, there is a lifestyle change that could beat tiredness forever, evidence suggests.

‘What is it?!’, you cry. It’s simple: juicing. - more

Drinking Issue 2015:

Go cold-pressed crazy

With refrigerator shelves regularly replenished throughout the day with colorful bottles of enticingly named elixirs like Green Goddess and Afternoon Delight, local juiceries’ cold-pressed offerings have become a go-to pick-me-up for those seeking healthful benefits, an alternative to cola and more. - more

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