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Q: I thought that our bodies have the ability to cleanse naturally? If so, why do I need a cleanse?

A: Our body is created to be a great self-healing tool and built to excrete toxins. But irregular eating habits, imbalanced diet, a high intake of refined sugar and consume of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine takes its toll on our bodies. Hence it cannot cope alone anymore with the purification process and needs support. The raw fruits and vegetables that make up our juices take little effort to digest allowing your body the ability to get some real R & R. The energy usually required for breaking down solid food is now redirected to support the body’s self-cleanse ability. This process eliminates the bad stuff you’ve been taking in and replaces it with exactly what your body needs leaving you with increased energy, mental clarity and certainly a leaner waistline.

Q: What are the common signs and symptoms of toxin buildup?


•Low energy, fatigue

•Constipation and other gastrointestinal problems

•Immune Weakness

•Joint Pains

•Environmental and food allergies

•Reduced mental clarity, frustration

Q: How should I feel?

          • People feel revitalized, and most notice a loss 

   of excess body fat as the process moves forward.

•Increased energy and alertness

•More positive outlook

Q:  What happens during a juice cleanse:

•The natural process of toxin excretion continues, while the influx of new toxins is reduced. This results in a reduction of total body toxicity.

•Enhances health and vitality and lets many of the body’s systems rest.

•Provides nutritional support needed to stimulate the system to rid itself of toxins.

•The energy that is usually used for digestion is redirected to immune function, cell growth and repair, and eliminatory processes.

•The immune system’s workload is greatly reduced, and the digestive tract is spared any inflammation due to allergic reactions to food.

•Due to a lowering of serum fats that thins the blood, tissue oxygenation is increased and white blood cells are moved more efficiently.

•Fat-stored chemicals, such as pesticides and drugs, are released.

•Supports a greater physical and spiritual awareness of dietary and lifestyle choices.

•Energizes the body, mind, and emotions, which, in turn, improves motivation and creativity.

•Safe and effective way to assist the body with detoxification by keeping out as many sources of toxins as possible and giving you the key nutrients your body needs.

•Taking time away from food, helps directs the body’s energy toward the vital job of detoxification and cleansing.

•Helps build a healthy lifestyle foundation in a straightforward and effective program (manner)

Q: Who should not Juice cleanse?

A:  Juice cleansing is safe and beneficial for most people, yet there are certain people that should not cleanse, and others should cleanse only with supervision. Consult a Doctor before embarking on a cleanse, if you are:

•Hypoglycemic or diabetic, particularly those on insulin

•Pregnant, nursing, recovering from illness or injury

•Debilitated, or malnourished, including those people with AIDS, severe anemia, wasting states, advanced stage cancer, or extreme weakness.

•Children under eighteen (unless recommended by a healthcare professional)

•Eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, or if you are more than 10 pounds underweight

•   Prone to mental illness including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia

•Have cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, ulcers, liver disease, or kidney disease

•Taking regular medication, including antidepressants, blood-pressure medications, blood-thinning medications, and birth control pills

Q: Who should cleanse?

A: In one sentence: Everyone who wants to live her/his life to the fullest!

We believe that every adult can benefit from a cleanse program as a regular part of their lifestyle regimen. Whether it's to give your body a rest and heal from all the wining and dining, improve overall health and boost the immune system or just feel light and attractive with radiant skin and full of energy, JuiceMedica is for busy working professionals, stay-at-home moms and everyone in between. Even those of you who are lactose-intolerant and/or keep a strict vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet can enjoy our cleanses. Children under 18 should not participate in our cleansing program but our juices are a great supplement to their developing bodies along their individual diet as they flood the system with much needed nutrients. Our yummy Cashew Milk is a fantastic source of non-animal protein for kids.

Q: How many calories are in your juices?

A: Our juices range from 110 to 150 calories per bottle. That being said, we don't believe in calorie counting but we understand it is a concern for many individuals.

Q: Will I lose any weight with the cleanse?

A: If you do lose weight, and that was something you were looking for while cleansing, then that's a happy side effect. It is important for us that our customers don't see our cleanse programs as a weight reduction diet. Instead we hope to change that mentality into an understanding that our fresh-pressed beverages provide optimal nourishment and amazing energy.

Nothing is wasted here, as your body knows how to assimilate all the calories in raw live foods, whereas a regular diet of 2,000 calories for example might only have about 1200 useable calories and the rest is "wasted" or stored as fat. In a nutshell, 500 calories of fresh-pressed live juice is NOT the same 500 calories you get in a Quarterpounder with cheese!

Q: Will I really be able to handle a cleanse?

A: Our cleanse programs require a level of discipline and determination but are in no way designed to starve you.

Our nutritious juices flood your body with nutrients and are created to give you a boost of energy. Believe in yourself and in us, our programs are perfectly workable with your daily schedule.

If at any point you find yourself needing a bit more, please read our "During" the cleanse section for ideas and know that you can always call or email us for support. Consider your cleanse as a departure from the ways you are used to feeding yourself and in the end you will be thankful. Your great health journey has only just begun!

Q: What is so special about the way you make your juices?

A: The magic of raw, fresh pressed juices is found in its freshness and exceptional nourishment. When you drink juice that is unpasteurized, untreated and unadultered, you are consuming all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients the way nature intended. Unlike, heat pasteurized juices which are nutrient-depleted and toxic to some extent due to chemical residue they leave in the body; JuiceMedica™ uses slow cold-press extraction process to ensure that all the nutritive properties of fresh fruits and vegetables are retained in each and every bottle. Nutrients in their natural living state, as found in JuiceMedica™ juices, are taken up and used “as is” by the cells of the body. They place no burden on the liver.

Q: Are the juices available for delivery?

A: Absolutely! Our juices can be delivered straight to your doorsteps, but there is a delivery charge.

Q: I want to get regular juice deliveries to my house. Is this possible?

A: Of course! Making our juices a regular part of your life is easy: Simply sign up for one of our monthly juice packages and save money by buying in bulk. Choose any juices from our entire menu and receive deliveries straight to your door, multiple times a month at your convenience.

•Hormonal problems and Low libido

•Poor Skin complexion

•Increased lack of motivation

•Sub-optimal immune function

•Body odor, bad breath

•Poor state of mind, irritability

•Brittle hair, skin or nails

•Greater relaxation and inner peace

•Feeling of vitality and well-being

•Lighter, cleaner, and more energized