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Natural Health Services & Supportive Products

To maintain the revitalizing juice cleanse results on a long-term basis, we have carefully chosen a network of select holistic partners who will help make your journey to better health asToleasant and comfortable as possible. The combination of an individual-specific health and wellness regimen, accompanying products and appropriate physical activity will enable you to stay in shape and achieve your desired goals on a permanent basis.

Metabolically Guided Diet and Nutritional Consultation

The essence of the philosophy behind Metabolic Control therapy is to resolve personal biochemical imbalances through individually designed dietary & nutritional therapy. The key to the successful resolution of health challenges with diet and nutritional therapies is to understand the ways that individuals are the same and yet different from one another. The fields of epigenetics and nutrigenomics have helped to change the way we understand metabolic individuality. The goal of this program is to determine metabolic 'types' using a comprehensive set of chemical and clinical tests. From this information we can tell how one's dietary and lifestyle habits may be influencing health and where appropriate adjustments are necessary within these areas in order to ensure long-term optimal health and well-being.  When you begin eating right for your metabolic type, your metabolism will regain its balance. And as you do that, you will have created an inner cellular environment that is conducive to experiencing your highest level of healing potential.  Michael Titayevsky ND, draws upon his extensive training and clinical experience in the areas of biochemical individuality and nutrition to design personalized programs for optimal health. For further information about how to improve your health with metabolic control therapy, please contact us at 610-664-5231

Your Individualized Nutritional Wellness Program offers:

•     Initial & follow-up health assessment

•     Naturopathic consultation

•     Customized dietary guidelines

•     Individualized nutritional recommendation based on results of health assessment

•     Nutrition-based clinical solutions for staying active

•     Progress tracking

•     Lifestyle education & counseling

•     Easy and convenient detoxification solutions

Unique Benefits of Metabolic Control Therapy:

•     Learn exactly  which foods and nutrition you need and which you should avoid

•     Comprehensive and customized nutritional plan specifically designed to fulfill your present nutritional needs

•     Balance your total body chemistry

•     Learn key factors that will positively impact your health for life

•     Assess and address underlying imbalances behind patient symptoms

•     Enhances the body's ability to more efficiently repair, restore, and heal

•     Helps fill in nutritional deficiencies  

•     Enhances the body's ability to produce energy more efficiently from nutrients that are consumed, resulting

          in better quality of life

•     Prevent illness and rebuild health

•     When you are metabolically balanced, you will finally have the energy you need to live a healthy and

          robust and productive.

What does this Service cost?

The charge for this nutritional counseling service is $110.00