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Liver and Gall Bladder Flush Program

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is responsible for hundreds of different bodily function. This vital organ processes almost everything we consume, breathe in or absorb through the skin.  The liver is the ultimate detoxification filter – nearly all the blood that leaves the stomach and intestine passes through the liver for processing, removing a wide range of toxic material from the body.  In addition, the liver filters more than one quart of blood each minute. Most of the filtered waste products leave the liver via the bile stream. However, with the constant influx of toxins, such as refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, nitrates, hormones, pesticides, toxic chemicals, medications, preservatives, and caffeine, the liver eventually reaches a point where the bile can sometimes harden into pieces of congealed clumps and fatty deposits, leading to a state of liver congestion.  These obstructions impede the body’s ability to keep itself nourished and clean, creating a toxic environment incapable of maintaining good health.  If the liver and gallbladder are clogged with stones and sludge, released toxins end up being dumped back into the tissue fluids of the kidneys, lungs, skin and the lymphatic system. Once the liver and gallbladder have been cleansed of the fatty deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residue, and toxic waste, through a series of liver flushes, the body as a whole can begin to repair itself and restore normal function.

Some common symptoms that relate to the liver and gallbladder include:

•Rib cage sensitivity, especially the right side

•Chronic tension in the neck and across the shoulders

•Feeling tired and sleepy after eating

•Waking up between 1am and 3pm

•Nausea, especially after eating fatty foods

•Light-colored stools

•Hormonal imbalances from perimenopause to menopause with hot flashes

•PMS irritability, bloating

This photo shows the liver stones recovered from a colonic machine that a client passed from her body after using the Liver and Gallbladder Juice Flush for three days. These red stones were passed without discomfort. This cleansing procedure should be repeated at least every three to six months to obtain optimal health.

The 3-day Liver & Gallbladder Juice Flush by JuiceMedica contains a unique combination of fresh pressed juice and natural compounds working together to support the natural filtering function of the liver and assist in dissolving and removing hardened bile deposits, toxic fatty sludge, and congested debris embedded in the liver and gallbladder in an easy and effective way.  The actual Liver and Gallbladder Juice Flush takes place within a period of less than four days and can be taken conveniently over a weekend in the comfort of your own home.

You will find detailed information on how to prepare and complete your Liver & Gallbladder Juice Flush and healthful tips you can apply that will help your liver to remain permanently clear of congestion in our 3-day cleanse guide (PDF), which you will receive automatically with the order confirmation sent to you via email.

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